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I create clean and minimal explainer videos for apps, digital platforms
and electronics

If you need a guy that does this, I can be that guy for you. I'm pretty good at it. You can ask my mom.

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With a huge selection of vacuums, Dyson needed to visualize the benefits of using their new cordless model in comparison to their corded one. To contrast the idea of vacuuming being a chore, me and my team came up with a concept of fun challenges to showcase how much faster, and efficient the Cyclone V10 would be compared to their traditional models.

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Or this.

Rebl needed a way to convince creators to join their animation studio platform. And what better way to do so than by showcasing how simple their product is. But the cherry on top of the cake is that you can assemble a team of people to work on your video at no upfront cost!

Or that? 

With so many features implemented in their financial app, Planto needed a way to showcase them in one video . This is the result.

These reviews should make you feel a little better about hiring me

Valentin did a fantastic job on my video. He was fast and efficient with his deliveries, revisions, and communication. He is creative, you can see and feel the passion in his work. I strongly recommend him and I urge you guys to give him a shot. 100%. Thank you so much, Valentin.


Valentin did an amazing job. We had a tight schedule and he delivered on time despite multiple revisions. 10/10 and quality of the video was out of my team's expectations!


Valentin’s performance was characterized by having a positive and can-do mentality. He was a true creative spirit within the team and performs best

under tight deadlines. He is resourceful and has a solution-oriented approach to problems.

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This is what you can hire me for

Animation is a great way to explain a complex topic in a simple way, or to visualize a service that is not easily shown with live-action, such as app or UX videos.


While editing often goes unnoticed by the audience, it is one of the most important things in video production. It's where the story comes to life and emotions can really be brought out.

This is how I do things

I start all of my projects with a lot of research, to understand what your brand is about, who your main audience is, and what they want to engage with. This part is key to create an experience that compels your audience and turn them into lifelong brand advocates.

This is how much I cost

Pricing is always different from project to project. It depends on what you want the end product to look like, how much time it will take and how many assets need to be bought. But my rate stays the same for all projects.

 Valentin's Daily Rate = USD 250 (THB 7,500) 

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Creative | Corporate Video, Explainer, Editing, Motion Graphics | In Bangkok, Thailand.

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