Do you ever get the sensation you’re being watched?

Don't worry, it's not me. Then again, perhaps it is.

I’m talking about when you are browsing for some new shoes on Zalando and the pair you were simply checking out start popping up everywhere on the web.

This phenomenon happens because you're being retargeted to by the companies trying to sell you these shoes. It’s a strong marketing tool to show potential customers relevant info built on their interests and websites they visit.

It can be a little creepy from a user's perspective, but for the marketer, it's a very strong tool to stay in front of your potential market.

For example, let’s say somebody came to your web site and needed to shop for a new Iphone case. They added the item in their shopping cart and were about to purchase it, but then got distracted by their kids coming home from Football practice. Or maybe it was a cat with their head in a bag. Who knows?

Once they leave your web site, the chance of them returning to finish the action drops staggeringly. This is known as your Abandoned Cart Rate.

As a business owner, you wish to bring those individuals back to your web site. One of the better ways to do this is to serve them retargeting ads of the same products, or the website pages they spent the greatest amount of time on.

There are many ways to do this. Platforms like Google, Facebook and Linkedin all allow you to produce retargeting campaigns which will show individuals relevant ads for a specific amount of time.

However, setting up retargeting campaigns for each individual product in your store may be a slow process. What if you've got fifty products in your online webshop, will you have time to create fifty retargeting campaigns? On top of that, each campaign will require different angles in order to prevent the ad from being worn out. It's possible that you might have to create up to 10-20 ads per product.

That’s a massive undertaking!

The best solution to save you time is to hire digital marketing specialists that have the tools and knowledge to create these campaigns for you. Our agency can produce the marketing assets, implement tracking codes, build out the campaigns, and write the copy which will bring individuals back to their abandoned carts. Perhaps not those poor souls have found their cat in a bag, they may still be a bit preoccupied.

Retargeting: nobody is really looking at you, nobody is stalking you. It’s simply a little bit of code and marketing tools that helps serve ads to people who might care about it.

Want to implement retargeting for your site?

I know you do...I’ve been watching!

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Till next time!

That is indeed the right question to ask yourself if you are in the business. I personally believe that if you want to achieve exponential growth, there is another option more viable than this one. But you can learn more about that in my training video.

Most of you would probably agree that Google is right for you and for the most part, it is. Your target market are looking for 3D printers on Google and this is the first place that they would search information on the subject. They can find many useful buying tips and stores to buy a printer from, and you want to be part of their information seeking.

But the situation right now is as follows: the competition on Google is ultra harsh, and you spend copious amounts of money to get your website listed as the number 1 printer merchant in your region. You’re betting on keywords that are relevant and some that are less relevant, hoping that it will still get people to your website. But frankly, besides being the official retailer of this and this printer, what differentiates you from the so many other candidates running their ads on Google for the same printers? Your promotions? Your better deals? Your location? More and more companies are popping up and If it’s solely based on these, then the market will turn itself into self-cannibalism for the company that can offer most for less.

The 3D printer market is still relatively fresh. And advertising your 3D printers is also kind of a new game for everyone and is relatively different from marketing any other products. Especially given the fact that 3D printer customers are so different from one another, there is only a couple of tactics that you can truly rely upon: strategies such as location-based sales and offering more for less (such as free filaments, and assistance).

Here lies the problem though: the customers you are targeting are TOO different from one another. This greatly reduces your chance of being able to craft a message they can connect with to make the sale as smooth as possible.

I believe that the only way to offer something truly valuable to your customers, is by knowing them so much, you could write a page in their diary. And in order to do this, you need to DEFINE your ideal customer, and not target the mass market. Once you have a defined that niche, then you can advertise to them in a systematic manner, and target them specifically.

Now going back on the subject of Google, you could start bidding on keywords that appeals to, let's say, mechanical engineers, and that would be the clever thing to do. Yet, I doubt that these mechanical engineers will start looking for terms such as "best printers for mechanical engineering".

This is where another medium comes into place. One where you can target directly to an audience who can be characterised as "mechanical engineers". And maybe you guessed it, maybe you haven't, but the medium that is most well-known for this kind of B2B targeting would indeed be... LinkedIn.

There are so many advantages to advertising on this platform for 3D Printer resellers such as yourselves, and this platform is virtually untapped for 3D printer sales.

I'm not going to go in depth in this article about why this is the best platform and what is the best way to advertise on LinkedIn. But if you would like to know more, I suggest you to check out my free training on how to triple your 3D printer sales.

I hope that this was helpful for you and your business, and if you have any comments or questions about the contents of this article, please write them down in the section below.

All the best and keep selling!

Valentin Gallone

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